Reliability and Safety Engineering

Sun Smart Systems has been providing Reliability and Safety Engineering services to some of the leading global companies. Our team has strong experience in Reliability and Safety Engineering processes, tools and techniques. Our customers rely on us to keep their products capable and competitive in high integrity and safety critical domains such as aerospace, defense, railway signaling and Healthcare. We draw on our global team of technical experts and their diverse real-world experiences to ensure success

Our  key experiences include:

  Safety Engineering  
Product Safety Program Plan - PSP
Preliminary Hazard Analysis - PHA
System Safety Requirements -SSRS
Assess Safety Integrity level - SIL
System Hazard Analysis - SHA
Hazard Tracking - Hazard Log / SCIL
Operating & Support Hazard Analysis-O&SHA
Fault Tree Analysis - FTA
  FMEA of Class I/II hardware - FMEA
Software Safety Analysis- SFMEA
Safety Design Reviews
Vital Trace Spacing of Class I circuits
Safety validation - Test Validation Report
Traceability Matrices
Evidences of approval-Third party & COTS
Safety Case Report
Product Safety Certificate
Safety metrics

  Reliability Engineering  




Establishing Reliability & Maintainability (R&M) goals
Reliability apportioning and allocation
Estimation/Optimization of reliability Prediction using MIL-HDBK-217F FRACAS
FMEA/FMECA reports
Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) reports Estimation of MTBF
Trending Analysis of failure/snag data
RELEX, RAMS, Reliasoft tools
Reliability growth analysis using Duane & AMSAA models
Interaction with suppliers/vendors & Customers
Collaboration - Domestic & International certification agencies
Maintenance studies - accessibility, ergonomics, interchangeability, standardization and modularity
Estimation of maintenance man-hours
Preparation & optimization of maintenance/inspection schedules
Life/TBO extension studies

As part of the implementation of the safety engineering process, our team has been involved in working with different standards as applicable by law and regulations, industry and quality standards depending upon the product market space. The team has good working experience in some of the most widely used standards.  

CENELEC EN 50126, EN 50128,EN50129
FRA and FTA Regulations (CFR Rule 49)
AREMA signal Rules
AAR Locomotive, Braking, and Signaling Rules
IEEE 1483



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